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P. Ramesh Babu ( Founder & Managing Director )

From the Founder’s Diary

P. Ramesh Babu is the founder of Social Work Organization NGO. In high school, he had many friends from indigenous backgrounds. After completing his graduation in Social Work, he wanted to serve as a government official. As such he kept track of the Tribal Welfare Department to understand the developments and their implications on the tribal people. He fell into an economically dire situation while doing his Post-Graduation in Social Work. This lack of proper financial aid resulted in him losing out on many opportunities. He had nearly discontinued his studies when the Indo German Social Service Society offered to pay for his education in return for a commitment to work for the poor and needy for the duration of two years. Through this Ramesh Babu gained the experience of working with different NGOs where he had often encountered Indigenous development Projects like fellowship Support from MSDS etc. Ramesh Babu, follows the Gandhian thought of sustainable livelihood which was seen in the forest-based livelihood scenario. Thus he started the NGO to provide sustainable livelihoods through social entrepreneurship among the needy and the poor.

Established in 2004, the Social Work Organization aims to work for the comprehensive development of the society through social entrepreneurship and skill development of the underprivileged and exploited section of the population. Their main objective is to reduce poverty, empower the women and support the widows; aid the orphans as well as the aged and the destitute people. Furthermore, they provide support for the leprosy victims and their families; also doing their best to give proper care to HIV-AIDS, T.B. and COVID-19 victims.

Quality education for underprivileged children, healthcare facilities, food supply, clothes and other essentials are some of the aspects taken care of by the NGO. Orphans, deserted or widowed women etc are given special care to empower them for their future through vocational training which are being imparted to the women and the youth. Poor tribal communities are also provided education and healthcare all the while spreading awareness regarding prevention and care of various communicable diseases. They are exposed to alternative livelihoods in fields of agriculture, honey trading, bamboo and tamarind, other NTFP etc. Value addition activities, as well as vegetable and flower plants cultivation, are unique initiatives along with embroidery training as an alternative means.

Sewing machines, important materials, embroidery accessories, NTFP value addition material etc are present in the established Mahatma Gandhiji Tribal Entrepreneur Training Centre. Beyond training, food is distributed among the poor lepers, the beggars and other destitute people. The NGO also takes care to distribute seeds of fruits and vegetables to the poor farmers.

In recent years they have conducted various livelihood improvement programmes along with aged care programmes. The ‘Prevention for Blindness Camp’ was organized with the aim to give proper hygiene training as well as convince children to have a vegetable-rich diet for better eyesight. Spectacles and other aids were provided to those who needed them. Sharing a great rapport with the people in the grass-root level, the NGO has managed to even bring the tribal community within their sphere of concern.

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