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Ms Renu Khanna ( Founder & Managing Director )

From the Founder’s Diary

Ms Renu Khanna is the Director as well as the founder of SAHAJ. She is a developmental professional from Vadodara and has an MBA degree to her credit. Being a feminist; she engages actively in promoting the rights of women and children. An active health activist; she is also devoted to contributing her share in the struggle against gender discrimination by voicing out the needs for the change and conducting various programmes and initiatives.

Accountability and awareness can together change the face of society. SAHAJ, established in 1984 has been working relentlessly to bring to reality a supportive and facilitative atmosphere in Healthcare and Education by encouraging social accountability as well as citizenship building for women, children and adolescents.
Throughout the years, the NGO has worked for the betterment of marginalized communities from rural, urban and even tribal areas. The target group consists of a wide age range from new-borns to youth in the early twenties; generally, those who have never gone to school, suffer from a disability or were deprived of education. As such, advocating child rights, sensitizing parents and the community to bring forth a gender-equal approach for comprehensive development of children, empowering the children through education regarding health, sexuality, gender etc are some of the major areas of interest.

In the Health sector, the organization mainly focuses on sexual and reproductive health whereas in the Education sector the focus is on non-formal education and scholarships. That no child is to be bereft of education is their primary goal and they strive to be innovative regarding development of comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual health of the marginalized people. As such they envision a world where social justice, peace, as well as equal opportunity for all, prevail.

Thematic interventions are developed in collaboration with stakeholders and other organizations for improvement in quality. These interventions include having the communities take on the leadership position, influencing policies as well as engaging in action research. This is why SAHAJ makes sure to encourage any creative strategy that can have a practical relevance but with an inclusive approach that is never gender-biased.

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Small gestures go a long way

SAHAJ appoints peer leaders in every basti. During the lockdown, the peer leaders were entrusted with the responsibility of identifying families who needed relief care packages the most. In this process, the Peer Leaders came across Yogesh (name changed), a 30-year-old youth who stayed with his widowed mother of 55…Read More