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How It Works

Be recognised as a credible organisation with your web profile on our website

Through a strong digital presence, connect to a large network of changemakers

Receive online donations and find support with complete transparency and zero hassles

Provide volunteer work online and find volunteers for the specific cause your organisation supports

No language barriers will stop you from sharing your story with the world as we help you connect with storytellers who communicate effectively about your inspiring journey.

Volunteer online for the cause closest to you and your heart

Choose your area of expertise to match an NGOs requirements

Engage in volunteer activities online with flexible timings & great work exposure

Be recognized & certified for your work through our reward system

Witness how you have impacted social change directly

Why NGO Should
Associate With Qause

Optimize your NGO's impact

Digitise your NGO for free by creating online web profile using our user-friendly backend and increase your reach both domestically & internationally

Empowering less-privileged children

Under this project, we conduct online passion-based classes including music, dance, art, etc., helping NGO children nurture their skills and talents.

No third-party interruptions.

Qause is a one-of-a-kind platform that believes in trust and transparency. Therefore, the amount you donate is directly transferred to the NGO’s account you choose to contribute to.

Find dedicated volunteers online easily

Based on your NGO requirements, connect with skilled volunteers through us who can amplify your cause with their dedicated efforts, easily.

Find a dedicated team

We help you find and recruit resourceful administrative staff and teachers in the most cost-effective way possible.

Stories of inspiration

We’ll capture the story/ message you wish to convey over a phone call in your regional language and create inspiring narratives of social change.

Why NGO Should
Associate With Qause

Work according to your comfort

Work from home or anywhere in the world and still be the superhero without a cape enabling real change. Your efforts and commitment are all that matters.

Volunteering has never been this easy

Work from anywhere and impact positive social change with flexible volunteer opportunities and activities online.

Earn recognition for your social work

All work that impacts the society for good should be recognised and therefore, Qause acknowledges your dedication with a certificate that earns you credibility as well as adds to your resume.

Brownie points for being a hero

Earn reward points for your real-time actions in the service of humanity. This helps you build confidence and inspires you to become a better version of yourself through thought-led action.

Be your own role model

Work from anywhere and impact positive social change with flexible volunteer opportunities and activities online.
Do you look up to altruists and philanthropists who have changed the world with their leadership? You've embarked on the journey to becoming one of them.. Get a certificate for your volunteer work online.

Drive change through your talents

Choose the social cause you want to volunteer online for and lead the movement of social change across a variety of social issues such as mental health, women’s issues, charity for children, old-age homes, etc.

Inspiring Stories

Media Coverage

An Initiative to bring Passion Based mentoring to the less fortunate, ONLINE!




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